Kathryn Tiffen Clinical Psychologist

East Gosford Specialist Centre


Kathryn takes a special interest in clients who suffer depression and anxiety and who have experienced childhood trauma and abuse.
She customizes her therapy to the needs of each client.  Whatever the form of therapy it is always supportive and respectful of client concerns.  She offers solution-focused therapy that is hopeful and based on strengths.  She is mindful of the evidence base for therapy and she offers Interpersonal Therapy (IPT), Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and Schema Focused Therapy.  She is a skilled practitioner of hypnosis for conditions like anxiety, sleep problems and habits.

Kathryn offers relationship counselling as well as individual therapy.  Clients attending for individual therapy may wish to invite their partner or family to some of the sessions, recognising the systemic basis for many issues.

Childhood disorders are also a specialty of Kathryn’s. She carries out autism spectrum assessments, including the ADOS 2. She offers management advice to parents of young people on the autism spectrum.  She also assesses adults wanting to clarify a diagnosis.  She is accredited with Medicare and the Australian Psychological Society as an autism specialist. Dyslexia and learning disabilities are also an area in which Kathryn has expertise.  She is accredited on the SPELD database as a provider.  She has experience in a Specific Learning Difficulties Clinic and in the support of students having additional needs in literacy.  A full assessment taking over two hours, and a report is normally provided for these conditions.

There are many other services that Kathryn is competent to provide following more than 30 years of experience.  You are encouraged to contact Kathryn if you have further questions about her psychological practice.